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Many of you may be aware that our good old friend 'The Mortal Instruments' series by Cassandra Clare is being made into a TV show on ABC Family and whilst the news about this was released a while back everyone of us are still trying to scour the internet for as much information as we can possibly find out about it.

The HUGE question on everyone's mind is 'Who are the cast?'. There was a lot of speculation about this to say the least! Many were hoping the original cast of the 'City Of Bones' movie were going to be brought back however, many were hoping for an entirely new cast. Whilst it's still not clear whether some of the original cast will feature in the new TV show, the biggest question on everyone's mind is 'Who are playing Jace and Clary?'

And we now have half of that answer.

Cassandra Clare revealed on Twitter a few days ago that the actor Dominic 'Dom' Sherwood would be to play Jace Wayland in the highly anticipated TV show.

*Insert photo of the gorgeous Dom Sherwood here!*

I don't know about you guys but,  I think this is a pretty good casting choice. I think that his looks suit Jace's looks and he looks very similar to the way I pictured Jace when I read the books. I have personally never seen him act in anything so, I think it will be interesting to see how he takes on this role. I'm also really glad that Jace is someone that we haven't really heard all that much about before because I think this gives us the opportunity to judge him as Jace just based on his acting as Jace and not base our opinions on other projects he's worked on in the past because it can be so easy to do that. 

I'm also really glad that Alex Pettyfer isn't playing Jace because there were a few rumours about that. I'm just kind of fed up of him playing every single blonde male lead there is! No offence! Haha

Anyway I thought I'd write a small fact file on Dom Sherwood so we can all get to know him a little better.  

* By the way this is all off of Wikipedia so don't shout at me if something's wrong! Haha!*

Fact File
Full Name: Dominic Anthony Sherwood
Born: 6th February 1990 
Age: 25 
Occupation: Actor, Model and Musician
Location : London 
Previous Projects : Best known for playing Christian Ozera in 'Vampire Academy'. 
Interesting Fact: He has heterochromia which means he has one full blue eye and one half-blue half-brown eye. 
Relationship Status : Dating former co- star from 'Vampire Academy' Sarah Hyland. 

So there is our new Jace Wayland! 

I will be doing one of these blog posts for each of the main cast members as they are revealed!
Tell me what you think of this casting choice in the comments and tell me who you want Clary to be!

Talk to you soon!

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