Monday, 27 April 2015


Hey Guys!

You can probably all see that this blog is fairly new and I'd just like to say thank you for the huge amount of support you've all given me already!However, I'd just like to let you know when I'll be uploading posts and what I'll be writing about and all that other fun stuff.

When will I be uploading to this blog?
I've decided that it is going to be impossible for me to upload every day of the week. That just isn't realistic however, I do want to write as often as I can. I've decided that I will be uploading on both Wednesdays and Saturdays but, I will write on Sundays also.

What will I be writing about?
I've decided that on Wednesdays and Saturdays I will be writing my reviews. On Sundays, I will not be writing reviews however, I will talk about new releases, any bookish news such as casting of the Shadowhunters TV show and I may do hauls and pretty much anything else.

Will I be taking part in any Read- a- thons or Reading sprints?
I'm currently in my final year of A- Levels so I don't really have a ton of time to read. The next two to three months are pretty much going to consist of hardcore revision. ( By the way! For any Americans or Non- British Citizens the final year of A-Levels basically means my final exams which will determine whether I go to University in September! I just though I'd clear that up! ) So, for now, Im not going to be taking part in these events but, as soon as my exams are over in June I'm up for taking part in anything and I may even host a few myself!.

That's pretty much everything I have to say for now!
I'll talk to you soon!

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