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Friday evening is one I think many of us won't forget. Clue after clue was revealed on Twitter about the next two castings of the Shadowhunters TV show and after a while I think the Fandom pretty much broke Twitter with constant #SIZZY and begging the producers and Cassandra Clare to tell us all about these new castings. Eventually it was revealed that our next two cast members are Simon and Isabelle who are going to be played by Alberto Rosende and Emeraude Tobia.

So, as promised, I will be writing my introductory posts to both actors. Today I will be introducing you to our new Simon, Alberto Rosende and I have to say, he doesn't look too shabby.

Like  I said! Not too shabby, eh? 

Like Dom Sherwood, who is to play Jace, I've never seen Alberto in anything and I'm actually really happy with that pattern. I think it will be interesting to seen an entire cast of people that we don't really know take on something that we all know and love. I think it will be refreshing to see new faces and support those actors that haven't really had a huge breakthrough yet, and I think this TV show will definitely provide that for them. 

There was a lot of controversy surrounding these two actors when they were revealed because of the colour of their skin which led many to say that they didn't fit the description of the characters in the book. Personally, I don't care what colour their skin is as long as they can portray the characters they way I want them to be portrayed. I think it's also important to note that this TV show is based on the Mortal Instruments books but, not everything is going to be exactly the same and Cassandra Clare has said herself that she was asked by the casting team would she mind people of different races portraying her characters and she said she wouldn't mind at all. I think as a fandom we should all have had that same reaction. Anyway, I thought I should say that because I thought it would be ignorant not to say anything about it. 

Personally, I'm really happy with Alberto being cast as Simon. Although, in my head I always had Simon placed as kind of a nerd I think once Alberto throws on those glasses I will be pleasantly surprised. Many people wanted Robert Sheehan to come back and play Simon however, I think if the cast from the movie came back they wouldn't quite fit the style that this TV show seems to be going, in that they are taking small unknown actors and transforming them into some very well known characters. 

Anyway, here is the fact file for Alberto Rosende

* DISCLAIMER: This is researched information. I can't be sure whether it is all 100% correct*

Fact File
Full Name : Alberto Rosende
Born : February 14, 1993
Age : 22
Occupation : Actor
Location : New York, New York
Previous Projects : The Swing of Things (2013) and Blue Bloods (2010) as well as some stage plays
Interesting Fact : He studied at New York University Tisch School of the Arts and took two semesters of Stonestreet Studio's Acting Workshop.
Relationship Status: I believe he is in a relationship but, I'm not 100% sure.

So, there is our new Simon Lewis!

Tell me what you think of this casting and who do you think is going to be cast next? Tell me on Twitter, Instagram or the comments below!

See you Soon!

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