Saturday, 6 June 2015


As you can probably see from this past week or so, my blog posts have been very rare and I think you deserve an explanation which is why I'm writing this. I did write a small update on my Instagram a few days ago so you can go check that out at the link below if you don't want to read this long speech because I'm just going to expand on what I said in that post. 

Okay, so as you may or may not know , it depends if you live in the UK or not, 18 year olds around the country are taking their A-Level examinations and I happen to be one of those people. A- Levels are basically like Finals I think they are called in America, they basically will determine whether I get into my chosen University in September or not. So as you can imagine my stress levels are way up at the moment and I don't really have much more time to do anything other than study at the moment. 

I love writing on this blog and I really love interacting you guys because this community has embraced me and my weirdness with big open arms and I am very appreciative of that considering that this blog is so new. I am very critical of my posts on this blog and I always want to put something up that I know you are going to be interested in and has good content and encourages people to read more. I know that my spelling and grammar isn't perfect all the time and I know sometimes I can go off on a tangent a little bit but, that is a perfect post for me because I am writing as if I was just talking to you face to face and that makes this whole experience more personal for me and you, my readers.  So, I'm not prepared to write quick, crappy content because I haven't got time to put the amount of work into it that I usually would. 

On top of all that I've been diving in and out of illness over the past week which has been put down to stress and anxiety so I don't want to write posts and then start to resent writing on this blog and then just completely stop writing because this is my hobby and I love it like a child. 

I've decided that for the next week and a half maybe two weeks that I'm not going to write here just because I have so much going on and the fact that I'm getting sick over it is ridiculous so I don't want to stress myself out even more. I will try and maybe put some posts on Instagram but, I'm not going to promise anything. I know I said that I would take part in the June Book Challenge on Instagram this month but, I think I'm just going to put it off and pick up with the July Book Challenge next month. 

I just want to say as well that when I do come back that I have an exciting announcement that I can't wait to tell you all about but, you'll have to wait for that. Make sure you check my blog to see if I've updated that announcement around the time period that I've said I'm going to be back. 

So, that's pretty much my explanation for you I hope that you understand and will still continue to visit my blog during this time I'm away. Also, if you want to e-mail me with questions or if you have any comments I will still be available for all of that and you can find those links below this post. Even if your question is unrelated to books and you want advice on something or whatever I'm open to that too. Don't be afraid!

Thanks Guys! 
See You Soon 

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