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I'm at the end of my schooling career and I think it's fair to say there have been some ups and downs but, I have done relatively well throughout school and I'm hoping to share some of this wisdom with you guys!

Now, I'm not claiming to know everything about school but, I'm happy to share some of my experiences with you! I've just finished my final year of Sixth Form and I'm hoping to go to University in September so I feel like I'm in quite a good position to share my thoughts with you.

This is going to be the first in a series of posts as we lead up to those all important results days and the new school year. I'm going to be sharing some tips and tricks that I have learned over the years to help make school or college that little bit easier for you.

I'm going to start with how to pick the right A-Level subjects for you.

So, you've just finished your G.C.S.E's and you have to now start planning ahead. When I was picking my A-Levels I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do for a career in the future. My parents had always asked me growing up 'What do you want to do when your older?' but, I never really had an answer for them whereas most kids I knew could answer that question in a heartbeat and I felt a little left out and odd. If this is you, DO NOT WORRY! you have plenty of time to change you mind and decide what you want to do.

For many people picking their A-Levels is easy because the know that they want to become a doctor so they do Chemistry, Biology and Maths or they want to become a teacher so the pick English and Maths but, for people that don't know what they want to do this is a difficult decision.

So, here are my top 5 tips for picking the right A-Level subjects for you.

   For me it was pretty easy to accept that I wasn't going to be doing the same subjects as my friends    because they liked Maths, Physics and Chemistry whereas I was the complete opposite, I loved English History and Religious Studies so I knew straight away that I wouldn't be in their classes. If you are in a position where you don't know what to do, never take the easy route and copy your friends because you will loose out in the end. If they want to take the same subjects as you, let them, but never compromise your own future because you don't want to be lonely in class.

    This one is a little difficult to explain. Obviously if you tend to excel in Maths for example, it may be a good choice because you know that you find it fairly easy, you tend to get good grades and it just comes naturally and at the end of the day a good grade it what you want. However, sometimes if you are good at a subject, that doesn't necessarily mean that you enjoy the subject and in this case you kind of just have to weigh up in your own mind how much you don't like the subject against how good you are at it. A- Levels are different because if your good at a subject at G.C.S.E it doesn't necessarily mean your good at it at A-Level. You've probably heard this a million times but A-Levels really are a big jump and you have to work out yourself if your abilities are going to be able to make that jump.

    Okay, so your parents can be kind of helpful when picking your subjects because they have gone to parent teacher meetings your entire life and they have seen your grades from everything so they kind of know a little bit about where your strengths lie. Constructive opinions are always good from your parents but, If they start telling you what subjects you must do, block them out straight away. You are not on this Earth to fulfil your parents dreams and desires and whilst they may have always hoped you'd become a lawyer, you might want to be a teacher and that is perfectly fine. You need to pick A- Levels based on the career you want to do not what your parents want you to do. I was lucky in that my parents supported my choices but, if your parents are forcing you to do subjects you don't want to do, don't do them.

   At A-Level there are so many more subjects available for you to take compared to G.C.S.E. There is Law, Health and Social Care, Psychology, Sociology and so many more. A-Levels give you the opportunity to explore subjects you might have been interested in but, never got the chance to study. This is perfect for someone that doesn't know what career they want to go into because you can pick subjects that you might find yourself interested in that weren't available to you before.

   A-Levels are not compulsory. There are so many other ways that you can make your way into a career either by work, apprenticeships or Vocational courses. Don't feel pressured to take on A-Levels if you don't feel well suited to them. In addition to this if you find in the first couple of months that you are not happy with the courses you are taking just stop and step back and look at the bigger picture. If you don't think you need to do this don't do it, but, if you feel you'd like to carry on, pick up a subject guide for your college or school and discuss with your parents and teachers your concerns about the courses you are currently studying. By doing this you will find out what you like and what you don't like and you may find other subjects that you think you would be better suited to.

That's it guys! I know this might be late for this years crop of students but, if your in the year below and are already looking around at what courses you might want to take I hope this helped!

Let me know what subjects you've picked in the comments or what you are thinking of studying next year.

If you have any questions whether they are related to this post or not, leave them in the comments sections below or reach out to me on my social media and e-mail which you will find on the contacts page.

See you soon!

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