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For so long I have felt stuck. I've never really had that many interests and I'm not sure whether that is a result of my personality or whether it is a result of my surroundings and the area that I live in. I've always been quiet and when I was younger I was extremely timid and introverted. As I've got older I've opened up a little more but, I still like keeping to myself and sometimes I just prefer sitting in my room by myself munching on popcorn and watching Netflix or reading a good book rather than going out. As well as this, I live in a very small area, we have a shopping centre a cinema and some restaurants but nothing really out there like ice skating rinks or adventure sports areas and other fun stuff like that and to get to places such as these it's at least an hour and a half car drive. So I've never really had much of an opportunity to explore these things growing up. As a result of this my friends and I have really just had to find ways to entertain ourselves but, I think I've liked this way of growing up because I have learned to appreciate the little things in life but, also to fully immerse myself in big opportunities that don't come around everyday.

I decided for my New Year's resolution around two years ago that I need to start exploring more things that make me happy and find new interests. I started reading more. I've always loved reading and around the time I made the resolution I was barely reading at all. I discovered Booktube around this time also and the enthusiasm these people showed for these books inspired me so much that I got really into reading again and it makes me so happy just to dive into a book and explore these new worlds and through reading I discovered a love of writing and I often write short stories as a result of this.

I also decided that I wanted to explore my love of writing and I now hope to go into a career in Publishing or Journalism and that is why I started this blog. I wanted a space where I could explore the things I love with people around the world but, I also wanted a place to improve my general writing skills. This blog is still fairly new but I love writing here and it makes me happy when I can interact with people worldwide through something I've created.

Scrapbooking is quite an important part of my life. Since I made this resolution to start exploring things that make me happy and that interest me I have scrapbooked so much more than I ever did. I've always been in need of a creative outlet because I am quite a creative person but, I'm bad at drawing and painting and I've always found it difficult to express my creativity. When I discovered scrapbooking I was so happy because I had finally found a way that I could share my creativity without drawing really bad pictures.

My most recent interests that I am trying to explore more are cooking and photography. I've always loved baking and I take photos whereever I go and these are my new interests that I really want to invest in and explore them because it makes me happy.

So, I guess what I've been trying to say in a really round-a-bout way is that do more of what makes you happy! Life is too short to dwell on bad times and to be doing things that you aren't comfortable with or aren't happy doing. Everything that makes me happy are only small things but, I feel content when I do them. Everyone's version and definition of happiness is different and therefore what make me happy might not make you happy but, there is also a sense of sharing. When we meet new people there is an opportunity to expand and explore out interests because they can introduce us to new things.

I hope you enjoyed this little babble! Tell me in the comments what makes you happy and if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me or reach out on social media (You'll find this on the contacts page)

See you soon!

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