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A lot of changes are happening in my life this year and even though we are only half way through the year, I feel like so much has changed already. Truthfully, I'm not very good with change. I like a routine and I like being surrounded by people and things that I know well. All of this has led me to the question "Is a spontaneous life better than a planned life?' . Thus far my life has pretty much been planned down to the last detail. I will go to school and get my G.C.S.E'S , I'll go to college and get my A-Levels, I'll go to University and get a degree. I think that because I pretty much planned my life up until this point that I never really explored other options like travelling or getting an apprenticeship and I'm not unhappy with my life at all but, I feel like I should have tried to be a little more spontaneous. This year is the time for change and I'm going to explore what has challenged me so far.

I went on a college trip to New York and Washington  DC in February this year. I was thinking about not going because none of my close friends were going. Sure! I knew the majority of people that were going because they had been in the same Secondary school as me and to a degree I would consider them friends but not super close. That for me was scary! I was going on a trip to a country I had never been to before in these huge cities with people I just about knew well enough to hold a decent conversation with. It was one day in June last year that I decided I was just going to take the plunge and ask for a place on this trip. So, I went alone to the staff office and asked the teacher if there were any places left and she said yes! This is just one scenario where I decided to take the plunge and just be a little 'spontaneous' you could say. I honestly didn't plan on going on this trip just because my friends weren't going but, one day I realised that this is my life and I'm not going to base what I do and what actions I take based on my friends decisions. This was huge for me because I now knew that I was expected to interact and that I had to talk to people outside of my usual friendship circle which I find so intimidating. However, once I got on that bus to go to the airport, it was like a switch had been turned on in my head. I was talking to people I'd never spoken to before and once we were actually in America I had such an amazing time with these people and I laughed the whole time I was there and I really made some good friends from that trip. What I learned from this experience is that you shouldn't put yourself in a box with two or three other people and shut out the rest of the world because that will come back on you. You need to explore friendships you never thought about and do things that will make you happy, even if your friends aren't doing it because at the end of the day your the one that is going to loose out.

One other thing that has happened to me this year are my final A-Level exams. This was a different type of challenge to the previous one. I've always been generally good with exams and academic stuff. I get mostly B's with an even scattering of C's and A's thrown in there as well but, I'm a fairly average student. However, this year I feel like so much more pressure has been put on me because this is the year that I have applied to University. I don't know what it's like in other countries but, here in the UK, you apply to a maximum of five different Universities through a system called 'UCAS' and they give you offers and you have to pick a firm and an insurance choice from those five offers. The offers the Universities give you are based on your previous grades as well as your predicted grades and you have to meet the conditions of your offer in order to get in. Anyway, this means that I have had so much more pressure on me this year because now my results mean my future really is at stake. These results actually mean something now and my future is based on these how I do in these exams. I can deal with pressure quite well but, this year it was pushing that extra little bit. I feel like this has challenged me a little bit because I always feel pressure but this year means so much more and I think because I knew that I pushed myself as far as I possibly could and now I just have to hope that that pushing and pressure and hard work, yields  results. What I've learned from this experience is that you constantly need to challenge yourself. You can't plateau and reach a stop. You need to push your limits and break down those barriers in order to succeed.

I'm not sure if any of this made sense but, it's just whats been going on in my mind recently and I just wanted to share that.

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