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This blog has always been a place for me to relax, share my thoughts and also to make myself try new things and act on my interests. Fashion has always been a big part of my life. When I was younger I was very much a 'tomboy'. I loved having my hair in a ponytail, slipping on my jogging bottoms and would refuse to wear any other shoes apart from my trainers. However, I always had a kind of 'inner struggle' you could say. I was obsessed with fashion. I wanted to be like the pop stars, I wanted to be the models who could try on all these wonderful clothes and I wanted to be the biggest fashionista there ever was. For some reason though I could never really express that and only in the past couple of years I really let my love of fashion out. Which is exactly why I want to embrace it with open arms and I think this is the right platform to do that on.

I thought I'd show you a little holiday haul as I'm jetting of to Barcelona in the next couple of days and I thought it would really get me in the holiday mood whilst sharing with you guys some lovely clothes you might want to go out and buy for yourselves!

Here is a sneak peak of what's to come!

The first items that I purchased were two Ciate mini nail polishes which actually came completely free in the August 2015 issue of Marie Clare. I was so excited when I saw them sat on the shelf. I love reading Marie Clare anyway so to be able to get to mini Ciate nail polishes was a total bonus. 
In the little set was a shade and also a top coat polish. I had the shade 'Sugar Plum' which is a beautiful pastel purple and the top coat polish I received was called 'Mattnificent' which is a clear creme type of colour. I'm very pleased with both polishes and I believe there are  few colours you can collect however, I'm not sure what they are. This polish is the perfect shade for a Summer holiday.

The next item I bought was a wash bag. I have so many cremes and make-up brushes and other similar items that I need a place to put them when on holiday so that they are all in one place. It makes me feel more organised and I know where everything is. I bought this wash bag from a store called 'Savers' for £2.99 which I thought was an absolute bargain. I'd previously gone into Boots and the wash bags were around £8.00- £10.00 and they were very similar to the one I picked up and I just couldn't justify that price so I'm so glad that I held off buying one.

I bought a ton of shorts on this shopping trip. I struggle with shorts because of my body shape however they are pretty much necessary for a holiday in a hot country. Luckily, I found some lovely shorts that looked so good and the prices weren't so bad either!

The first pair of shorts I bought were these lovely pale pink ones they've come out slightly brown in the photo but they are pink!. They have an elastic waistband and have a tie at the front as well as a 'floaty' effect which means they are great if you have slightly bigger thighs like myself. The original price of these shorts was £12.99 but, I managed to get them for £7.00 in the sale.I purchased these in New Look. Again! Another great bargain.

I then picked up these orange and blue patterned shorts. They also have an elastic waistband and have a 'floaty' effect to them. I also bought these from New Look. The original price was £12.99 but, I got them in the sale for £7.00.

I then actually visited Tesco. Now I know! A lot of you are probably like 'She shops in Tesco?'. For you Americans out there this store I think is similar to your Walmart. Anyway, I have found that this year that the clothing department in Tesco has really stepped up their game. Their fashion line is more extensive and is much better quality and more fashionable than it ever was. Don't knock it until you try it as I say! Anyway, I bought these lovely purple-y blue shorts which again have an elastic waistband and a 'floaty' feel to them which means their are lovely for curvier girls such as myself.  I bought these for £10.00 however, I believe they are now in the sale so go and see if you can find them at your local store!

I bought one last pair of shorts on this shopping trip once again, in New Look. I have quite an awkward body shape which means that I find buying shorts very difficult especially denim shorts which can sometimes be a bit of a pain. However, I did manage to find a pair that fit relatively well. I bought this pair of ripped 'Mom' shorts. These are perfect for me because they are slightly longer than an average pair of shorts which means they fit my thighs perfectly. I'm not sure of the original price however, I bought them in the sale at £10.00 which I thought was a great deal.

I then decided to pick up a hat. Hat's are quite difficult for me to buy because I have a round face and a lot of hats just don't suit that face type. However, I have been able to find one type of hat that looks much better than most of the hats you can get out there. This is the 'Floppy' hat.  These hats are great because they not only keep your head protected from the sun but, they also provide shade over your face meaning you won't get a nasty little burnt nose on your first day!. The hat I bought was from Sainsburys and was originally £8.00 however, I managed to get it at half price which meant I only paid £4.00 and it has a floral and twine pattern. I was so pleased with this purchase as it is the same quality as the hats you get in high end fashion shops but, I had it for a fraction of the price.

The final item I bought on this trip was a dress. This is a lovely comfy dress. The material is really light and airy making it perfect for summer holidays. It has shoulder straps as well as a strap that ties across your back. The top half of the dress is framed to flatter your figure and slowly goes out into a floaty skirt. I love this dress and I cannot wait to wear it! It is green with a pink and white floral pattern. I picked this dress up in New Look for £7.99 however, I believe that it is now in the sale so you can go pick yourself one up! Go on! Treat Yourself!!

So that it for this little haul! It was something a little different and I really enjoyed writing this. Let me know in the comments where your going on holiday this summer and what your looking forward to the most! 

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