Review Policy

The following information is for companies that wish for me to review their product.

Important Information

I am located in the United Kingdom, so keep this in mind if you wish to send me any products.

What to Expect

I would first like to make it clear that if I decide to review your product it will be my own honest opinion. If I decide later that I don't think I am capable of providing an honest review I will be happy to send your product back to you however, you will have to notify me if those are the actions you would like me to take. In addition to this, if I don't feel that your product is suitable for my blog I have the right to decline reviewing the product and I will notify you of this via e-mail if that is what I wish to do.

Preferred Genres and format (For book reviews)
I am keen to receive Young Adult books from any genre however, I will also consider New Fiction books that are anticipated to be embraced by the Young Adult reader communities.
I would prefer ARC's and finished copies in hard copy for reviews as I do not own a kindle or other devices for reading digital copies of books. As well as this, If you are requesting that I read a book in a series, I would kindly ask that you include the preceeding books as I do prefer to read series in order and I will be able to give a more honest review if I have read the whole series and can compare it to the other books.

Subscription Services
I  am open to reviewing any type of subscription service that is relevant to my blog. I have the right to decline any subscription service that I think wouldn't suit the style or atmosphere that I want to create.

*I hold the right to decline any product that I do not wish to review however, I will provide you with a valid reason as deciding whether to review or not review your product*

Contact Me

You can contact me at the following places on the Web with regard to review copies.

E-mail -

Twitter @2015LIVELIFE


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